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Modify Login Page Captive Portal


I have to modify the login page in a Captive portal because the client wants a login page with his own format. I downloaded the login page and changed the images, the background, the position of the login box and traslate some labels but I not modified the names of the labels. For example:

When I change the login.htm with the new one with the option captiveportal=>upload the page load and I can see it with the new appearance I can see the acceptableusepolicy but when I click in "log in" doesn´t do anything the page recharge but not say error o logged in. When I reset the captive portal o recharge the old login.htm works fine.
Which can be the problem?

Thanks in advance
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Custom Captive Portal

Without knowing what you have in your html, you can look at the Custom Captive Portal knowledgebase article by going to and searching for "custom captive portal" in the knowledgebase. There are a couple articles that describe how to customize the captive portal.

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Custom page

My controller have the software version 5.0.2, I saw the example but I think the login page of it is different, is for verion 3.x. Does it change?
In the example the action of the form is this.

but when I see the login page of my controller I see:

My new login page do the same action "login" but then I see the same login page, not redirect me to internet.
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If you have uploaded a custom page, you must change your custom page .

Instead of action="login"

you need to have action="/cgi-bin/login"

because your pages are loaded to a seperate area of the controller like/upload/espana not the ./ directory

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