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Multiple VLANs for AP Connections

I think I know the answer to this question, but thought I would ask it anyways.

We have a controller setup with multiple VLANs in a layer 2 configuration.
The controller is not the default gateway for any of the connected VLANs.

We would like to have APs connect to the controller through different VLANs, instead of having to pick one in this situation (either 'controller ip' or a loopback if necessary).

For example, say we've chosen VLAN 10 as our controller vlan. We would like to have APs also connect to the controller from VLAN 5, etc... The key here is the controller is connected to the network via layer 2 connection... the controller is not routing anything.

We could just change the external router setup to do this, but I thought I would ask the question. It seems like a limitation to only allow AP connections on one VLAN, when the controller is setup for quite a few more.

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No matter what ip address the ap connects to initially, the ap gets redirected to the switchip.

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Re: Multiple VLANs for AP Connections

That's what I figured, and have confirmed in my testing... through ADP, the controller sends the switchip back to the AP for further communication.

Might be worth an RFE... i'll pass it along to my SE.
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