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Multiple sites, single controller

I’m new to the forum and new to Aruba products and I need some help. We have just purchased a 3400 controller and several of the 105 AP’s. We have three campus locations, each connected via a VPN. Each site has a connection to the Internet, DNS, DHCP, and IAS servers. The controller is installed at our main campus location. I have setup three SSID’s for faculty & staff, students and guests. I have setup captive portal authentication for the students and guests. I can connect just fine to all three SSID’s at my main campus; but cannot connect at either of my remote sites.

My question is this. Is there a way, with a single controller, to have clients at my remote sites use the local resources (DNS, DHCP, IAS) at the remote site or do I need a local controller at each site?
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Re: Multiple sites, single controller

If you have a lot of APs at the site you should put a controller there, if not you can bridge the SSID in Aruba OS 5.0 or use a Remote AP to access local services. Check out the branch office VRD here Or talk to your local SE.

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Re: Multiple sites, single controller

Thanks for the reply.

I have 4 AP's at one remote site and 5 at the other. We have 5.0 OS installed on our 3400. Any idea where I can find configuration information on bridging the SSID's?

Thanks, Tony
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Re: Multiple sites, single controller

There isn't much to it. In order to enable bridging on a campus AP you will need to turn on Control Plane Security which is talked about in chapter 18 in the AOS5.0 user guide that can be found on Forward mode bridge is configured under the VAP.

Here is a config snip. With control plane security you will need to add your APs to the campus white list or allow auto cert. like in the config below. Aruba recommends adding turning off auto cert once you have all of your APs in the white list.


wlan virtual-ap
forward-mode bridge
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