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NPS simultaneous user (sessions) control


Anyone have NPS (new IAS+ Radius server)? or any idea about how set the system (Aruba controller & NPS server or IAS inclusive :( ) to control the simultaneous sessions that some triky users are doing (sharing his credentials with others)?.

This is a security breach (resources and control) like old times with ISP.

Free Radius and others old radius have this control like "Simultaneous-user = n" to do that. I don´t reach any Microsoft Document.

btw: The lap tops ARE NOT in the DOMAIN.

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Re: NPS simultaneous user (sessions) control

If you are using captive portal, you can check "Allow only one active user session" under "Configuration" --> "Security", "Authentication" --> "L3 Authentication" --> "Captive Portal Authentication Profile"

If 802.1x, you can configure max sessions per user role under "Configuration" --> "Security", "Access Control" --> "Edit" next to the user role.

If you know the offending user you can also create a duplicate role that has the max sessions configured already and then set your authentication server rules to change that user to a that modified role.
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