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Need advice on high memory usage

Hello, I have a handfull of controllers newer 6000 controllers with OS running on them that show memory usage of 87%. Or 70%-87%. Any advice on this? Should I be worried? If so where should I start looking to see what is causing it? Commands?

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Some more info

(FLRGV01-Aruba01) #show mem

Memory (Kb): total: 256060, used: 225365, free: 30695
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Re: Need advice on high memory usage

I do not profess to know what the standard free memory should be on a controller. If you open a support case, they can get personal information about your setup that you cannot reveal in this forum and give you the best advice.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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Re: Need advice on high memory usage

Additionally, You may want to check if the amount of free memory on the controller is incrementally dropping, if so - then at what rate?

If the %age of free memory drops at a relatively higher rate, such as 5-7% or more on a daily basis and continues with such gradual behavior, you will need to get to TAC at the earliest. For tracking this, you can utilize Airwave or make use of MRTG software(Multi router traffic grapher - uses SNMP to draw pretty pictures for us to review) - Free download.

If the free memory seems rather high, but - is stable at a high value or fluctuates minimally +/- 5%, there may not be much to worry about at present but still TAC can provide you with a customized analysis of configuration/design that could potentially cause this.
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Re: Need advice on high memory usage

The free memory is fairly dynamic. The OS is able to reclaim more than what's displayed in free memory when needed. With that said, you'll typically want 15-20M free for stable operation.

Depending on which ArubaOS version you're on, there are several commands you can issue to get a clue as to what's going on. "show memory debug" if available gives a good overview of system memory usage. If that's not available, "show process sort-by memory" and "show storage" may offer some clues.

If you run into memory issues, please provide TAC support with a tech-support file. They can analyze the memory usage history for anomalies.
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Re: Need advice on high memory usage

Btw I see that you have a 6000 SC with 256M of memory. We typically see this platform running with free memory in 30-50M range. I wouldn't be too concerned unless you observe crashes due to out of memory.
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