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No Heat map


I have deployed two access points at a customer site and set their locaion with the fqln mapper. The APs appear on the correct floor plan but do not produce any heat map not matter which option I choose. I am running 3.4OS.
Any ideas?

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Re: No Heat map

The only time I saw that happen to me is when the APs were actually AMs, and that was in Airwave, not on a controller's plan.
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Re: No Heat map

How dense is your ap deployment? If you have your ap’s spaced to far apart they will not show the heat map.
David Dipert
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Re: No Heat map

Try putting them closer together and see, do you get a diamond around them? Check the drop down menu in the map, might be on a when you are using g?? Check they are active, can you connect to them? Could you do a screen dump for us? I'm no expert but will try and help you.

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Re: No Heat map

Thanks James,
I have tried all the combinations of the dropdowm boxes but nothing works. The APs have the correct floors mapped but just appear on the plan as an AP. I can get you screenshots on monday.
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