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Guest "self-registration"

"As for the guest access feature, when you say "self-registration", what do you mean in detail? How would it function."


When a user connects to the captive portal SSID, they are prompted with a self signing page; In other words, a page where users can create their own guest account and password that is only valid for one day - then log in. I know this defeats the purpose of a cp, but others here were asking if Aruba's Captive Portal can do that. CP is meant to be operated by a Receptionist or Helpdesk.

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Aruba Employee

Re: OS upgrade on 6000 mk1m3

That sounds more like a kiosk mode, where you would use CP to create an account that then lets you log onto a secure WPA/WPA2 network.

For the case you're describing, is what is the reason behind creating an account and then using it to log on? Seems like I could just make up anything I wanted every time I connected, then I wouldn't have to remember my credentials from my last session (assuming that's the use case).

If you aren't really worried about the security of the system you could simply allow guests access via an email address on the CP, that's been around for some time.

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