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Open Guest SSID

I have a requirement to make an Open Guest SSID. This SSID will have no authentication on it (no guest portal or login of any type) and will have unrestricted access to the Internet, but no access to local resources. We already have a Guest SSID via Captive Portal, but we need this SSID for testing purposes.

I created a new SSID and tied it to the current guest Vlan. But I'm having trouble with how to set up the AAA profile. I've tried setting the Initial role and Default Roles to logon/authenticated, but no luck. Any Ideas?


If you don't want any authentication on the SSID, then you need to set the initial role to something other than logon (which requires captive portal or 802.1x auth).

Set the initial role to 'guest' and default role to 'guest' should work.
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