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Outdoor/indoor Mesh

HI this may seem like a stupid question but!
Can you configure two AP85FX with outdoor MESH 2 AP license as Mesh portal and one as Mesh point and include indoor MESH AP such as AP70 as mesh points in the same mesh/ profile ?
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You can do this in 3.4 and above, because mesh with an Indoor AP is included. You have already obtained the two outdoor mesh licenses for the AP85s.

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Outdoor/indoor Mesh

Hi Colin

Yes we have an outdoor AP license for 2 AP's and we will be HOPEFULLY connecting remote AP70 as Mesh points through an AP 85 on one building as a point to another building with an AP85 FX which will be the portal into the Wi-FI DS
this is a new install so we are hoping it goes to plan!!! the only thing we are concerned about is going from 3.3.1 to 3.4.X :D



Re: Outdoor/indoor Mesh

One other point to remember.... If any of these Mesh AP's will be advertising an SSID to serve wireless clients they will consume an AP license.
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