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Password format

Does anyone know what formats the passwords are stored in the configuration file for a 2400 controller?
Also, the same question for the wpa-passphrase?
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Re: Password format

Not sure about the format, but if you want to see what they are, you can go to the CLI and do the command "encypt disable". Then, do "show run" or "show local-userdb" to see the clear text passwords. This will only work for non-mgmt users and other non-hash passwords. The enable secret and mgmt-users will not show clear text.
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Re: Password format

Thanks Olino. I want to know what hashing mechanism is in use as I am trying to understand the risk from crypto attacks on the hashes in the event a configuration file is compromised. I'm coming from the same angle as that applied to the Cisco hashes. Cisco type7 password are trivial to reverse, and later version use MD5 which are susceptible to collisions. Just wondering if the same issues apply to Aruba password hashes.

Re: Password format

I'm not sure about the commercial codes, but you can get a general idea of the password hashing and security mechanisms from our FIPS security policies found at NIST's web page

An example for the M3 and 3x00 for AOS 3.3.2-FIPS can be found here at the link below, starting on page 18 dealing with CSP policies

Again, while not 100% of this would apply to non-FIPS code, alot of it does as our core architecture is framed the same way.
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