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Performance comparison


I have a Dell W-620 controller with 3 x AP92.
Everything works, but my wireless throughput speed is 25% of my cabled throughput. Casual stuff like browsing and outlook is fast enough, but our ERP system which is classic client/server is noticibly slower.

Test setup is a laptop connecting to a server.

  • Both run netcps.exe, which pumps 100Mbytes from client to server.
  • On wired it takes 9sec's, on wireless 36 seconds.
  • The wired test is performed using the AP's network cable.
  • For the wireless test i was 2meters away from the AP.
  • Same results for all AP's.

  • Laptop says it connects wirelessly with 130Mbps.

thx for any suggestions

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Re: Performance comparison

Are you comparing a switched gigabit wired port to a 11n connection on the 2.4GHz radio? That might not be fair for several reasons. First, the 2.4GHz spectrum is pretty noise and interference prone. Since you are reporting WLAN connection speeds of 130Mbps, your maximum goodput is going to be about 60Mbps (shared between the users on that channel of the spectrum) assuming no interference.

I do agree that 9 sec vs 36 sec is probably not good WLAN performance, but there are a ton of other variables that might go into this.

Is the controller connected with a gigabit connection? Are the APs on a dedicated subnet? Are the users placed into a dedicated WLAN subnet? Is the controller in the same physical location as the server you are attempting to upload/download to (not across a WAN)? Are you using the newest drivers for the WLAN NIC? Have you forced the WLAN NIC into always awake mode (maximum perfornace)?

Sorry for all the questions, but there are a lot of reasons this might happen.
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Re: Performance comparison

The access switch to which AP connects is 100Mb/s.
That switch connects to the "core" switch using 1Gbit ports.
The coreswitch is all gigabit.
The server that receives the data is connected to the coreswitch with a Gb nic.
The W620 is connected to the coreswitch using its Gb nic.

The AP's live on vlan1, just as does the controller, and my servers and wiredclients.
The wireless VLAN's (one for public wireless an one for private wireless) are vlan48 and vlan49.
When the laptop runs from battery, it takes 36seconds.
From the wall it takes 32 seconds.


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