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Perl cgi to show client which AP connected to?

Somewhere in these forums (I think), I recall seeing a perl cgi script posted which would allow a client to obtain their current AP connected to, along with other info. This would be very useful for us. Do anyone know what I'm referring to?


We're using a 6000 with AOS 5.0.1 (soon to be 5.0.2)
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OIDs for troubleshooting client issues

Ok, our programmer is working on some cgi code to return snmp data for a client connection. So far, we have OID=., which will give us the AP the client is using. What other values can we get from SNMP to help troubleshoot connectivity problems? Our plan is to have users visit an intranet link which will poll the controller for various realtime stats, so we can try to troubleshoot the problem they are reporting.

I'm interested in knowing what other values are available and useful, such as signal strength, speed, etc.
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