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Plan questions

Hey guys,

Just something I wanted to share and see if I'm doing this correctly and a couple of questions.

The Plan
I import the controller file from the Visual RF program straight into the controller. Works great. In the past I've had to still upload the .jpeg floor plans into each floor but I've noticed lately that those are importing as well. So far so good...

When I open the buildings in the plan I can see the "Planned" ap's and where they are suppose to go.

Here is the problem I have......

We deploy the AP's and once they are provisioned with AP name, building etc.. they will show up in the lower left hand conor of the floor and I have to physically drag them onto the map where they belong. It would be nice if they would show up on the map where they were "planned" if they were provisioned with the same AP name. Is there a way to do that? Also once they show up in the lower left cornor I still have the "planned" ap on the map as well which I end up going through and deleting them all.

Is there a better way to do this or does this what everyone else is doing as well? I have deployed a lot of aruba's over the summer and I'm just trying to streamline the process a bit. I know it may sound petty but it takes time to drag 300-400 AP's around. Times that by 10 systems and you can fill up a timecard pretty fast.

How do you guys handle the plan maps?

Thanks for the input !!!


Re: Plan questions

I would recommend opening a support ticket. Are you trying to get your real world visualization in VisualRF or on the controller?

I would recommend using the online VisualRF tool. In that tool, you right click on a planned AP and select 'Match with Managed AP'. Then select the deployed AP from the list. It will merge two devices and you will be left with your deployed AP in the correct location.

We are working on automating that process in VisualRF so that you can automatically match a large number of planned APs to actuals based on name or LAN MAC address.