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Problem connecting to Client on a bridge SSID


I have a problem when a wired client is trying to reach a wireless client connected to a bridge SSID.
Quick overview, check attachment.

From client A to B or C;
Everything works fine.

From client B or C to A;
You can't connect to client A with Remote Desktop, but you can ping client A.

From B to C and vice versa;
Everthing works fine.

Firewalls at clients are turned off. It works when both clients are wired, or going from wireless to wired. So local firewalls should be a problem. I have tested with both WinXP and Win7, same problem.

Is the eth port at the Aruba AP blocking something? (also tried with a AP-61, same result).
Any special configuration needed?
Christian Nilsson, Network Services
ACMA, ACMP, AWMP, Aruba Instructor, ACMX #159
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Re: Problem connecting to Client on a bridge SSID

Hi Christian,

Check the Session ACL set in the AP System Profile. The default policy is very restrictive.