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Problem with Source NAT

I have four vlans defined on the controller, the default gateway for all vlans is the core switch. For a particular vlan I need to nat the traffic to route from the native vlan 100 ip subnet. I have created a new vlan 701 ( and assigned an ip address to the vlan, enabled NAT and intervlan routing.

I need the traffic to be transmitted from an ip address other than the controllers local ( or loopback interface ( I defined a NAT pool and assigned an IP address ( I created the relevant access control rules and enabled src-nat and selected the NAT pool object I just created.

The resource that needs to be accessed is behind a firewall so will only accept traffic from vlan 100 subnet. When the client connects the natting seems to work perfectly for around 5 minutes, but then stops. For testing I ran a constant ping. By modifing the ip address in the NAT pool to a different address, the constant ping starts to reply! and I can access the resource again, but for only 5 minutes or so until it stops.

Any clues as to why the natting stops working?
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