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Procedure to Replace Standalone Master Sup2 with M3

Does anyone have or can point me to a procedure to replace a stand-alone master Sup2 with an M3 controller? No upgrades or changes to config will be done as part of this. My understanding so far is that I need to address the following issues (not in order):

- Install new licenses
- In config, change port numbers to match new hardware
- Get the APs into their groups

- Do I have to manually re-add the APs to their AP-Group? Or will the APs automatically start talking to the controller if the same ap-group exists on the new controller?
- What is the cleanest way to move the config? Do a flash backup and restore? Then do a diff of the running config between the old and new controllers? Paste the differences into the new controller?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Re: Procedure to Replace Standalone Master Sup2 with M3

The best way, imho, is to copy the config from the Sup 2, edit the port numbers, then save it. Then, load the licenses on the new M3 and copy the config to it (name it something other than default.cfg) using TFTP or FTP. After you have the new file on the new M3, rename it to default.cfg (or what ever file you boot from (you can get that from "show boot")).

As long as the AP groups and VLANs exist on the new config, the APs will re-register without re-provisioning. The other thing to keep in mind is that the ARP table on your router (if the APs aren't on the same subnet as controller) may hold on to the ARP entry for the old controller. Clear ARP on the device if the APs wont talk to the controller.

Dont do a flash back/restore. That would work (except for licenses) if the controllers were the same model, but not if they are different hardware.

If you have any captive portal pages setup, you will lose those. You can view them on the old controller, view source and save it as an html file if you need them. Just make sure to get the jpgs, gifs and other stuff as well.
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Don't forget your certs

Along with captive portal pages - you'll need to upload certificates to the M3 as well (using the same names as referenced by the config)

I just did this last week. did pretty much the same thing that olino mentioned - and it worked fine.
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Is it possible to extract the certs from a flash backup?
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Re: Procedure to Replace Standalone Master Sup2 with M3

Yep - looks like you'll find the uploaded certs under:
in the flashabckup

I'm using certs signed with a key I made using openssl - not using the key on the controller.

if you've gotten certs using a csr generated on the controller (ie based on the controller's private key) - you will need to reissue your certs from a csr generated on the new M3 controller (using it's private key)
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Re: Procedure to Replace Standalone Master Sup2 with M3

Good point! I will not be able to move the certs because I generated the CSR on the controller (using the controller's private key) for use on Captive Portal.
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