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Processlog sort by change


i want to know how i can change the sort by date asc to desc.

if the page reload the processlog is always with the new entrys at the bottom of the site.

it is possible to change this? or can it take in effect in the next version?
we have alcatel oaw systems and no Management SOftware. I only work with Cli and WebGUI.

Everytime i work with this stuff, i set up an syslog and look at this.
in troubleshooting it would be nice if it not necessary to scroll the whole site down to see the newest entry.

any ideas?
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The page?

On what page of the GUI would that be?

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Monitoring/Process Logs

Sounds like he is just mentioning that : Monitoring/Process Logs on the WEBUI updates LILO, or newest entry on the bottom of the (potentially multi page) log. So you have to mouse down to the bottom to get to the latest entries (the ones you are usually interested in of course.) Instead he would like it to LIFO, new entries at the top so he doesn't have to scroll to the bottom.

The CLI logs are the same way of course, LILO, newest entries at bottom of the log. In the CLI it's nicer to get at those however as we can just 'tail' the log file(s) to the last X lines easily.
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Re: Processlog sort by change

On the CLI you can do 'show log system 100' for example to get the latest logs. I guess this would be a nice thing to have in the WebUI as well.
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Re: Processlog sort by change

yeah you are right, sorry for asc and desc (php language).

it is a good idea or isn't?
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