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RAP's, vlan's and subnet's


I just bought a DELL branded Aruba device (W620). My environment is a private WAN. I'm not new to VLAN's but new to wireless ones in remote sites.

If I roll out RAP's, will remote laptops receive an ip address in the range of my remote site, and will my current "wired routing" do the rest - or - will they receive an ip in a different range, and be tunneled towards the router/controller on the central site, where routing will happen ? In the latter case no remote laptop can reach a remote printer directly.

thx for making this clear

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Re: RAP's, vlan's and subnet's

"will remote laptops receive an ip address in the range of my remote site"

It depends on the SSID deployment type you configure.. SSIDs (actually VAPs) can be deployed in bridge mode in which users will be getting IP address from the same subnet the (R)AP belongs to... And you can also configure the SSID in tunneled mode in which users get mapped to a VLAN in the controller and treated accordingly...

For the detailed explanations about the "deployment types" please refer to the Campus VRD here:
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Re: RAP's, vlan's and subnet's

thx for the link, AP forwarding modes as well as chapter 8 deals with my question.

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