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RAP static ip

If i plug a rap directly into a cable modem how do i statically assign an ip address and gateway to the rap. I am guessing somewhere in the apboot mode this would be entered.
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You can set a static ip address of that AP when you initially provision the remote AP with the IKE PSK, etc in the controller.

If you have an AP60,61,65,70,105 and 125, you can use the corresponding console cable and the correct environment variables to CHANGE this info AFTER you have provisioned the AP in apboot> mode:

setenv ipaddr x.x.x.x
setenv netmask x.x.x.x
setenv gatewayip x.x.x.x
setenv group xxxxxx

use "printenv" to show what variables are already set.

For the RAP2 and RAP5, you MUST set the static IP address when you are provisioning it in the controller, because they lack a serial port. In the next major version of ArubaOS code you will be able to configure static IP addresses at the Zero Touch Provisioning Screeen, as well as USB broadband and dsl (pppoe) settings.

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Re: RAP static ip

Thanks exactly what i was looking for. is setenv group the AP group?
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Re: RAP static ip

setenv is only available at the AP console (except on the RAP2 and RAP5). If you have AP-12x or AP-105s, they have a dedicate console port. If you have another AP type (60,61,65,70), you will need a "Y" cable that allows serial over ethernet.

You have to have physical access to the AP, plug in your console, fire up a serial terminal, turn power off, turn power on and then hit a key when the AP prompts you (Hit any key to break boot cycle or something to that effect).
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Re: RAP static ip

how do i take a command out of the remote ap when in apboot mode. I accidentally added this line setenv=ipaddr1.1.1.1. Is there a way to do a no command to take it out?
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Re: RAP static ip

if you leave it blank after "setenv ipaddr" it will remove it:

setenv ipaddr

if you enter an env that is not used, and just wish to clear it you can purge env to delete all set variables.
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