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Radius Accounting infomation update

Dear ALL

Does anyone know how to make controller send the accounting infomation in period of time?

Now controller only send the accounting information when user login and logout.
or anyway to kill user when the daily quota is reach?
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Re: Radius Accounting infomation update

I checked Radius attributes the value of "acct-status-type" include

1 Start

2 Stop

3 Interim-Update

7 Accounting-On

8 Accounting-Off

9-14 Reserved for Tunnel Accounting

15 Reserved for Failed
but i find Aruba only support Start & Stop

following infomation i found in the aruba user guide
“The following is the list of attributes that the controller can send to a RADIUS accounting server:Acct-Status-Type: This attribute marks the beginning or end of accounting record for a user. Currently, possible values include Start and Stop.”

anyidea to solve the accounting quota problem?
ex: the user buy the 1 hour prepaid card, but if user login for 2 hours without logout, he still can use the wifi, but if he loutout after 1 hour, and he will reject by radius server. how can I update the accounting information, while user is not logout.
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Re: Radius Accounting infomation update

Aruba controllers do not send acct-interim messages, which is what you're looking for. Only start & stop messages are currently sent.

I've asked Aruba about this as well, but no definitive answer has been given. You may want to open an RFE on the partner site.

You can go about this a few alternative ways though... Why not return a Session-Timeout attribute in your Access-Accept message? The controller honours this value, and will kill a session when this value has been reached.

A more complicated method would involve SNMP to monitor session stats. Once a session has reached a certain limit (defined by you), you could use a RFC3576 call to the controller to kill a session.

There aren't too many docs available on RFC3576, but the Aruba TAC may be able to give you more information.
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Re: Radius Accounting infomation update

Dear Krunchy

Thanks for you help.
I will try it.
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Re: Radius Accounting infomation update

I still want to ask, will aruba OS support Radius Interim-Update?
I really need the solution to limit user daily quota by radius accounting.
any idea?
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