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Randomly Dropped Clients

We have been having problems recently with users, who despite having full signal strength and little traffic on the AP, will still lose their connection momentarily as their connection reauthenticates (which it does do successfully, but still frustrating). It seemed to happen at random on any type of laptop brand/nic.

To combat this we tried making a change to the User Idle Timeout value.

Configuration > Authentication > Advanced Tab

We changed this value from the default of 5 min, to 3hrs. So far things are looking better. We've noticed an extreme increase in the number of clients attached to the Controller as expected, although they don't seem to be necessarily attached to a particular AP.

My question this good practice? Has anyone else experimented with changing these values or run into similar problems with "randomly" dropped clients?

FYI - Aruba OS

Many thanks, any thoughts are welcome.
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Re: Randomly Dropped Clients

Have had a few customers with similar issues. They were running 3.3 code. Suggested upgrade to and user connectivity issues have vanished. was also recently released. hope this helps.
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