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Regular issues with "write mem" ?

We've been using M3 controllers since Oct 08 (versions 3.2 thru 3.4.x) and have had any number of issues over that time with our ability to "write mem" or even "show running" on the master controller. We recently had issues with saving configuration changes and attempted to save our config during a reload ... but we saw "Save failed: Module WMS is busy. Please try later" and "Error saving configuration" during the reload (which we then declined).

Frequently, it's the "Module WMS is busy. Please try later" error, but I would be curious what other reasons are seen when people are unable to view or write their configuration? If there aren't any APs on the master (which is what we've had recommended to us) and there aren't any critical processes on the master controller ... then *NOTHING* should prevent you from ever writing your configuration as you could theoretically turn the master off without impacting service. And, if you could do *THAT*, you should be able to replace the config that it reboots with ... no??

I'm not sure what to do in this case, but it seems like there should be a way to possibly "/force" a save ... or it would seem like management of the wireless approximates what you'd get from a purchasing a turnkey system.

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Re: Regular issues with "write mem" ?

There are critical processes that run on the master. All of the APs report wireless info back to the master so that it can classify APs and forward that info back out to the local controllers. An M3 is capable of handling about 3000 APs, assuming you dont have a ton of SSIDs configured or a ton of clients. Do the command "show wms counters" and see if the Max count exceeded (shoudl be at the bottom) is incrementing. This could be a bug, but most likely it is load related.
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Re: Regular issues with "write mem" ?

Yeah..Olin is correct. How many local controllers (if any) are below this M3 master? Output of show switches would be interesting....

And you're currently running 3.4 what?
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Re: Regular issues with "write mem" ?

What does it mean if the 'show wms counters' Max Count Exceeded numbers jump around from minute to minute (on a system)? I mean one or both numbers might go up in a minute's time, then one or both will drop back down a minute or two later, with no obvious rhyme or reason.

We're also seeing numerous instances of not being able to do a write mem due to "Module WMS is busy." We have five locals (M3s), with 3 in one of our cores, and the other 2 in our other core (plus a backup M3). We have about 2400 APs (roughly 2/3rds are AP-125s and most of the rest are AP-61s).
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