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Removing a switch


We have an environment with 19x 800 controllers. We are planning on replacing these with a handfull of 3000 series controllers. The AOS-W release notes tells you how to replace a switch 1:1, but is there anything I need to worry about when replacing 4:1? Will the old switches automaticly remove it self from the Master switch or do I need to manually delete them somehow?
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Re: Removing a switch

Old controller entries will age out of the Controllers list on the master controller over time, I seem to remember that it's about 15 minutes.

The only other gotcha I've hit in the past is that if the controller that you're removing is the same IP address as the controller that you're adding, then sometimes the old ARP entry and associated IPSEC communication between the master and new local might not happen until you clear the ARP entry of the old one or let it age out. The controller works of course, just no config sync or pinging or show switches between the existing master and new local.
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