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Reversing the role of Master and Local


We have an OAW4324 and an OAW6000 switch. Currently the Master Role is located on the OAW4324 and the Local is OAW6000. I would like to reverse this role so that the 6000 is the master and the 4324 is the slave.

If i simply take a flash backup and export of RF Plan of the 4324 and restore it onto the 6000, will this do the job, will it overwrite any licenses (we currently have the firewall enforcement module license installed on both switches) ?

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Re: Reversing the role of Master and Local

Doing an RF Plan export and import will not do anything with the licenses on the controllers. This should be as straightforward as you suspect.

Doing a full FLASHBACKUP will in fact mess with the you probably don't want to do that as the 6000 and the 4324 are differnet platforms.

Re: Reversing the role of Master and Local

This is an easy one. The Local already has the complete config so you just need to promote the Local and demote the Master. No need to mess with licenses or anything.

First make sure you do a full flash backup on each controller just in case (Backup Flash from the Maintenance Tab) and copy them off to a tftp or ftp server somewhere (you'll need to rename one of them as they use the same filename).

Next, Export RF Plan from the current Master and save it to your machine.

Now, on the Local, go to Configuration/Controller and change the role to Master. You'll need to reboot at that point. Once it comes back up, reset the IPSec key in the same screen.

On the Master, go to the same page and change the role to Local. Enter the IP address of the new Master and the IPSec key you just set above.

On the Master, import RF Plan.

That's it.
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Re: Reversing the role of Master and Local

Hi guys,

thanks for your replies..

Chris i'll try your method tomorrow night, looks pretty straight forward.

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Re: Reversing the role of Master and Local

Hey Chris, thanks for the instructions, worked perfectly..
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