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Roaming issue

Hi Airheads,

I thought I want to share this to and hopefully others have experienced it and have a solution. This morning I deployed Aruba, everything is working fine, Staff SSID is on 802.1x authentication through radius server, Guest SSID is on WPA-PSK. Clients can also get the correct IP range which is staff ip or guest ip.

Authentication works and clients can get whatever restriction is set to them and internet is working as well. Until I get to roaming. We were testing on my customer's laptop which is a Panasonic brand(didn't get the specific model). We connected to staff ssid on AP1 and did a continous ping to their server. As we walk to another AP I can see a 1 second drop after that ping is succesful again, which is not an issue as it roamed to AP2, when we reached AP3 suddenly the ping returned a "Destination host unreachable", the laptop is still connected to the same SSID, but when we checked the "ipconfig /all" the IP address have changed to Guest IP range.

So my customer is asking me "why is it like this?" I did the same test on my laptop which is a Lenovo X61. Funny thing is, I don't experience what my customer is experiencing. He also tested on an HP laptop and did not experience this issue.

It sounds like it's a laptop issue but I feel like i'm missing something.
Am I really missing something? Please help.

Thank you.

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Re: Roaming issue

The first thing you should always do is upgrade the wireless driver on that laptop to the latest. The second thing you should do is delete the guest wireless network profile from that device so that it is not tempted to attach to it. You are right, it should not happen and if that is the only device that does it, upgrade the driver to see if it improves behavior.

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yup. i think it's the driver of the wireless adapter. but weird thing is when the IP is changed to guest vlan IP, the laptop is still connected to the staff SSID. anyway i will advise my customer to upgrade the drivers. thanks bro.
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