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Running out of IP addresses

Here's my problem. Two years ago I installed a 620 controller at our main site with one AP 61 at the same site as the controller and two more AP 61 at one of our remote sites. All AP are managed by the single 620. Initially we only had ~ 15 wireless users so when I set up the 620 I put it at our main site and gave it a IP. As clients connect to the wireless (either at the main or remote site) they get assigned a address. Problem now is we have ~ 70 wireless users at the main site and another 25 wireless users at the remote site. The address pool is running out quickly.

I don't have DHCP set up on the controller, should I?

I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Running out of IP addresses

Tom - Add another VLAN to the controller, add the layer-3 interface (or trunk the VLAN to an Ethernet switch that has a layer-3 interface), setup a DHCP scope for the new VLAN (make sure the and the new subnet have the same mask), then add that VLAN to the Virtual AP profile of your SSID(s) so that both are listed (don't remove the existing one). Dont do this during production hours. Clients may get placed into the second VLAN while they are active and cause them to get a new IP address. Once you get this done, you will have 2X the number of IP addresses. You can add up to 32 VLANs into a Virtual AP profile. This feature is called VLAN pooling.
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Re: Running out of IP addresses

Ok so its possible. I'm new to this hardware and am not understanding your steps completely. I need one VLAN to use the addresses and the 2nd VLAN to use addresses, is this even possible?


Running out of IP addresses

Yes, its possible, the IP blocks you describe below would be separate
VLANs. Then select/take each of these newly created VLANs and
configure on the Virtual AP (VAP) profile screen in the WEB UI in the
VLAN field = 1stVlan, 2ndVlan (where 1stVlan = VLAN ID of the VLAN
you want to use, 2ndVlan = VLAN ID of the VLAN you just added).

Currently that same page (VAP profile) would read VLAN = 1stVLAN(e.g.
VLAN of 192.168.101.x)

That is what is called VLAN POOLING
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Re: Running out of IP addresses

Thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to give it a try this evening.

Thanks again.
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