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S3500 Switch Configure multiple VLAN on port


Can i configure multiple VLAN on S3500 switch port? which mean every single switch port can belong to multiple VLAN. So network administrator no need to worry about which port is which VLAN and for which user. Because certain VLAN for certain user, for example: VLAN 31 for Guest, VLAN 32 for Admin Department, VLAN 33 for HR Department. Based on user authentication to differentiate the user VLAN.

Please advise.

S3500 Switch Configure multiple VLAN on port

Yes, the S3500 ports can have multiple VLANs associated with them.

What you can do is configure a default VLAN on each port, and then using AAA-Profiles use VLANs within 'roles' to ensure that when one of the groups you identify below authenticates that they inherit (aka. Derive) the desired VLAN you would like them to have.

In that way the S3500 ports can 'dynamically' assign VLAN based upon the device/user that is plugged in at any specific time... a great simplification over existing LAN switch fixed VLAN configurations.
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Re: S3500 Switch Configure multiple VLAN on port

but by creating AAA-profile at switch level means the switch is handling the authentication without refer back to controller???

please further explain...thx

S3500 Switch Configure multiple VLAN on port

AAA profile is configured on the controller (for wireless users, and now for the S3500 users).

You will want to put the S3500 ports into a mode called "tunneled node". That way, the controller handles all wired ports, as if they were "wireless users"
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