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Setting up a second guest network

Hello Airheads,
When my controller was installed, the technician set up our guest network with a captive portal for me. I don't know the process and I couldn't find any resources online. I want to set up a second guest network with a captive portal. In a best case scenario, I need this network to use the internet, internal DNS/DHCP and one printer on my LAN.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Setting up a second guest network

The AOS 6.1 user Guide (available from support site) has a good run-through on setting a guest network up. Just search for "Guest WLAN" as a starting point.
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Re: Setting up a second guest network


Why don't we just adjust the first guest network to allow printing? That would save time and complexity.

Assuming that the role a guest user gets when he/she authenticates successfully is "guest", let's adjust it like this:

Configuration > Security> Access Control. Click "Edit" right across from the "Guest" role. Under firewall policies, click on Add. Put the radio button next to "Create New Policy", then click on the "Create" button.

Choose a policy type of "session" or "ipV4 Session" from the "Policy type" dropdown. Name the policy "printer". Click on "Add". Make source "any" and make the destionation host. Enter the host ip address of the printer in the dialog box. Click on Add, then done. When you get back to the "Firewall Policies" screen, move your new printer all the way to the top, then click on apply in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Login successfully as a guest, and then try to add and print to that printer via IP address on that guest laptop

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Re: Setting up a second guest network

Thanks for the responses guys! For times sake I'm going to add the printer to current guest network.

I would still like to set up a second guest network that is just internet access and a printer.
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