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Single Master issues

If you have a single master and multiple locals, what issues do you face if the master fails.

The only two things I can think of are restoring the master from a flash bu, and APs won't be able to reboot if they are power cycled for one reason or another since they find the master to get pushed to their local.

Anything else?
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Re: Single Master issues

The other issue is configuration changes. If the master is not available, you cannot make changes to the wireless configuration.

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Re: Single Master issues

I think (I think), if you provision the APs with the IP address/DNS name of the local controller it should not go back to the master upon reboot. If it is supposed to work that way, I've seen where it doesn't work as expected.

My only guess as to why is because I specified a master controller in that AP group's AP System Profile, which you really don't need to specify.
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Re: Single Master issues

The 'master-ip' parameter in the system-profile is for where WMS information (e.g., classification) should be sent, which should typically be the local's master controller. If you've enabled wms-offload (to Airwave, MMS, etc), however, this parameter is ignored.
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