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Source NAT with no Inter-VLAN Routing

Is it possible to have a wireless VLAN source-NAT'ed to a wired VLAN without having to turn on Inter-VLAN routing on the wired VLAN? Basically I'd like to have a wired VLAN's setup on the controller to serve a wireless VLAN (or VLAN pool) but I don't want to do any routing, I just want to have the private, wireless VLAN NAT through to the public, wired VLAN. The reason I can't turn on Inter-VLAN routing is that there is another wired VLAN connected to the machine that I don't want the other two VLANs to know about so they just pass on the traffic to the next hop regardless of destination. That way I can allow my internal routers\firewalls to manage the inter-VLAN routing instead of the controller (I do not really want one more location for doing ACL rules if I can help it). I've played with a bunch of settings (src-NAT with NAT pools, regular NAT, different routes,etc) but can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas or am I trying to do the impossible?
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Re: Source NAT with no Inter-VLAN Routing

Role-based access

Just have a role in the role block traffic to any internal subnets or subnets you don't want those users to get to. That way only external traffic would be allowed.

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Source NAT with no Inter-VLAN Routing

Thanks for the reply. THe main issue I have with that scenario is I don't want to have to create firewall (acl) rules on yet another "box" when I already have a box for just that job (which has much more flexible and easier to manage rules) between the two VLANs I run. I'd just want to have NAT'ing on a one-to-one VLAN basis without the routing. Anyway, I haven't found a way so for now I've had to get rid of the NAT'ing method for the WLAN's
thanks again for taking the time out to reply though. Much appreciated
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