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Suggestion for 2nd master controller (not redundancy master)

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup a 2nd master controller for a group of APs. We have aruba-master in our DNS for AP groups that talk to main master controller. So my question is how I can accomplish this by not manually configuring the 2nd master ip address in the each AP? I have 1st master and 2nd master are in the same network, and AP groups are in different network but APs getting IP from the same dhcp servers. I have tried the dhcp option 43 for 2nd master AP group but it does not work quite well, perhaps its dhcp issue I have dig into it. But I just wondering does anyone have different approach or share information about dhcp option? Thanks for any comment and suggestions.

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Aruba Employee

Re: Suggestion for 2nd master controller (not redundancy master)

DHCP option 43 should be working, many customers use that. Your other option is to configure sub-domains, such as and You could then have, etc., but that's probably a bigger headache than figuring out your DHCP issue. You should probably consider moving away from DNS if you do DHCP just to keep things consistent.

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