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Support for licenses?

Can someone explain why you would need support for licenses (AP, PEF, etc.)?

They obviously aren't something that needs support or is ever updated.

Support for Licenses

The word folks get stuck on a bit is term 'license' .

Instead the licenses are sometimes called/have been referred to as "software modules" in some of our documentation. That seems a little easier for people to understand, even though they are really the same thing: Optional Feature Sets that are activated on a given system. That is usually how I explain it to interested parties. We (Aruba) don't want you to pay for what you don't/won't use, hence the activation keys to unlock what you would like to use. Then you pay pro-rated support on those features based on your level of usage of those features.

You are paying support on these 'licenses' (software modules) for the assistance/support of ONLY the feature sets relevant to the features you have activated in your system, instead of the whole system. Under support you also benefit from the upgrades to these feature sets (some examples: ARM 2.0, or WIP 2.0 vs. ARM 1.0 and/or WIP 1.0) within the operating system. You then get support on these upgraded features...and so on.
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Re: Support for licenses?

Thanks Jason. That helps.
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