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Syslog Just the 522008 Messages - Solution

I hope this will help someone else out. basically we wanted to syslog just one type of message, specifically these (which we want to be able to tie names to IPs, macs and times):

01-20-2010 16:13:01 Local0.Notice A.B.C.D Jan 20 16:13:01 2010 authmgr: <522008> |authmgr| User authenticated: Name=jeff MAC=00:25:4b:ab:cd:ef IP= method=802.1x server=dc1 role=stu

However we found that throwing the entire user section into "notifications" spewed out 3,000 MPH on syslog and so had to dial it down. After seeing some of the commands support suggested I came up with one of my own to try. From the CLI run:

config t
logging level notifications user process authmgr
write mem

Now, log into the web interface and add your syslog server, category user, logging facility local0 (we use local0 for both).

Under levels tab, the user category should be set to notifications, though I believe the CLI command takes care of that. We also have dot1x set up for "debugging" as well, though right now we are happy receiving just the 522008 messages on syslog, rather than thousands.
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