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Traffic Trend Report and Firewall Traffic Logs


I would just like to ask if there is a way to see generate a report in Aruba regarding the traffic trend for, let's say, the past 3 months.

Also, since I am more of a firewall guy, I was thinking how can I see the firewall traffic logs from the Aruba controller (I assume that there is firewall logging because it is a stateful firewall and it has the option to log in the firewall rules) so that I can troubleshoot easily if there are network problems as well as to have proof the I comply to log retention policies. The firewall logs that I am looking for is the typical firewall log (source, destination, service, action, etc).


Re: Traffic Trend Report and Firewall Traffic Logs


I'm not sure about a traffic trend report but if you have a syslog server you can configure your controller to send logs to it.

Check out Configuration > Management > Logging. (Also check the "Levels" tab to set what you're logging)

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Re: Traffic Trend Report and Firewall Traffic Logs

The controller does not have enough storage to keep 3 months of traffic trending data on it. The system is designed so that external tools can poll the controller over SNMP to gather information over time and display it.

I would recommend taking a look at AirWave. It is a full Network Management Systems and will store data for long periods of time. Through AirWave you can easily run a network usage report.

Some customers will use Cacti to gather and chart information from controllers over time. Typically the data is gathered over SNMP. The controller SNMP MIBs can be downloaded from the Aruba support site.
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Re: Traffic Trend Report and Firewall Traffic Logs

Thanks to both of your replies. I will consider your recommendation about AirWave, I already had a glimpse of it and I think it is really good. But for now, I'm going to try logging through syslog and/or snmp. Thanks again!..
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