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Unable to hide ssid

I've been unable to hide any ssid's on my controller.

I created ssid.

Went to virtual AP ssid profile and checked the little box in the advanced tab that says Hide SSID. Clicked apply and saved. I can still see it.

Went in via ssh and manualy typed it into the ssid profile. Saved and I can still see it.

I completely deleted the ssid and started fresh with a new one. Same results, unable to hide.

34000 Controller with software.

Any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated !!!

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Re: Unable to hide ssid

Mike - Check the "Deny Broadcast Probes" button as well as the "Hide SSID" button and the SSID will be hidden. Remember - hiding the SSID doesnt provide much security... :)
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Re: Unable to hide ssid

have you tried putting a checkmark to Deny_Broadcast Probes?
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Re: Unable to hide ssid

Deny_Broadcast Probes fixed it. SSID is now hidden.

I've never had to check that box before when hiding a ssid. Should I be doing that everytime?

I tested in our lab and I only needed to check box the hide ssid option in order to hide a ssid but at this particular site it looks like I needed both.

Any ideas ????
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Re: Unable to hide ssid

You need both. One box hides it from some. Another hides it from the rest. Neither adds significant security.

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Re: Unable to hide ssid

Ok thanks for the clarification.
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