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Unexpected LAN MAC address (00:0B:86:61:E0:04) found at this device's IP address

Hi Guys wondering if anyone can help me here. We have two 3600 controllers in Master and backup redundancy roles

We have recently needed to relocate those two controllers to a new Core switch however when they are plugged in the primary controller drops off the network and out of the mobility manager gui. The Mobility manager only shows 1 controller up and 0 down. Which is incorrect, it should show 2 up.

You cannot ping the primary controller however, if you pull out the secondary controller the primary springs back into life and takes over the master role. When i put back the secondary controller, the primary instantly drops offline again.

if I return the controllers to the original switch They both appear online again and the mobility manager shows 2 up?

When I look into Airwave the controller is reported down and the following message appears
"Unexpected LAN MAC address (00:0B:86:61:E0:04) found at this device's IP address"

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Regards Matthew.
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Re: Unexpected LAN MAC address (00:0B:86:61:E0:04) found at this device's IP address

It seems like you have a number of things going on:

- You have two controllers configured as master and backup master
- You moved both controllers to a new core switch

Are you sure that you configured the ports on the new core switch so that all of the VLANs, match the old ports? If you did not do that, the master and backup master cannot communicate and they both might have tried to assume the role of "master"

The unexpected mac appears in Airwave or Mobility manager when Airwave polls a device by ip address and the mac address has changed. This normally only occurs when you have changed a controller and gave it an ip address of an old controller. Unfortunately when you see this message, it will no longer collect information until you click on the Reset button. If you have not replaced hardware, I would find out why it sees new equipment on an existing ip address of a device...

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