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Upgrade problems...

We've been on for a while and recently tried to upgrade to - but we had a few problems, if anyone can offer any advice on the following, I'd be very grateful;
( We have 4 x A800 controllers, 1 Master and 3 locals, split across 4 offices )
Once upgraded, any APs directly connected into the Aruba would not boot properly, they kept cycling and could not get an ip address from the controller - the APs that are LAN attached are perfectly ok
New APs cannot be attached to the controller as they fail with a BOOTFP error
Some APs have now started using A as well as B/G and show a new icon on the Plan - they work ok though !
On one site, a lot of the APs reverted to channel 1
We can't seem to change the channel / power on the APs nowA quick note, we upgraded first to 2.4.3.x and then up to, and one site had to be left on as we had no PoE switch to be able to plug it's APs into the LAN rather than the controller.
Help !
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