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User idle time out

I was wondering what would be the repercussions of lowering the user idle time out table down to something like a couple of minutes or even a minute.. Currently set to 300 seconds (5 minutes) ? I am getting some reports of users not being able to connect to the network (after a while they start working) My theory is IP Spoofing is preventing them from connecting...Our lease times are 30 minutes for users..What I am theorizing is a Mac user is connecting and getting a 30 minutes lease, The user then releases its lease at the 28 minute mark and dhcp makes the lease available, another user comes along and gets the same IP lease but then is unable to pass traffic because they are considered by the controller as Spoofing the IP address...Any thoughts?
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Re: User idle time out

Do not adjust the timer. The timer is used to determine how soon after a user is not pingable and not sending traffic that they should be removed from the user table. Turn on user debugging to find out why they cannot connect.

config t
logging level debug user
show log user 50

What clients are they using?
What version of ArubaOS?
What encryption are they using?

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