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Users reporting dropped connections

Hi all,

Since replacing our HP wireless installation with Aruba (~130 APs) I am receiving reports from users of dropped connections; in some cases whilst they are stationary and close to an access point and in other cases whilst they are moving around the office. (We are providing coverage around the office, and this problem was not reported with the HP equipment when installed at the same place).

I am also receiving reports that authentication (802.1x) regularly takes longer than other times (and again, longer than with the HP).

Can anyone point me at what I can look at to try and debug what is going on, or if there is a specific set of settings that might need tweaking?

Happy to provide more details, but kept short at this stage because I don't know what other information to provide.

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Re: Users reporting dropped connections

Users with dropped connections is a crucial issue, and you should open a case as soon as possible so that they can gather information, and come up with a solution specific to your problem. We can attempt to troubleshoot it here, but we only can have access to non-personal information, which will prevent us from getting to the bottom of the issue. Please work with TAC so that this can brought to a close quickly.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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Re: Users reporting dropped connections

Thanks, I'm speaking to support about it.

Nothing obvious yet, although I have been advised to upgrade to AOS5.0.3.0 from (I was planning on going to but told Aruba recommend staying with 5).

Will see how it goes.

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