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VIA Client experience, auto-disable Remote Users


is the internal_DB ok for being used for VIA clients? i rethink some config option to rollout some VIA clients but with accounts expiring after e.g. few days automatically. should work or?


VIA authentication Profile - Uses Server Group

The VIA authentication profile (re) uses the standard Aruba Server Group configuration methodology.

Thus, you should be able to use multiple databases (internalDB, AD, etc) for clients that would be valid for VIA.
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Re: VIA Client experience, auto-disable Remote Users

Exactly the internal_DB the customer would like to use in this case, i wasnt able to test VIA cause only having legacy controllers here.

Do you have any experience using VIA ?
well in this case we would "rape" the VIA as normal VPN client , but this should work fine for this case ;-)

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