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VLAN Config

Trying to vlan network but my wireless just dont want to work. I can plugin a laptop to a switch and get an ip from the correct vlan and it works fine. My APs get an IP fine but will not connect to controller. I have tried the controller on the same VLAN with the APs and also on vlan 1. everything with my network works except my wireless. I have controller 3600 and ap65. Looking at manual I seem to have everything setup correctly on controller. I have all my DHCP client on one vlan and network switches and and wireless controller on another vlan with servers on another. I am at my wits end been working on this for about 10 hours today. If you have any suggestions please forward.

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Re: VLAN Config

What are you using for discovery? Do you have a dns A record of "aruba-master" pointing to the ip address of the controller? You can also plug a serial cable into the console port of the access point, capture the output and paste it into here and we can tell you what is failing....

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