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VLAN Pool and RAP5WN's

I am trying to create a vlan pool and extend it to a RAP5....what I am wondering is if this can be extended to the wired ports of the RAP5 and fed to a remote location through a 2900 series cisco switch.

I have been trying to work with it but cant seem to get it correct I wanted to see if its possible, and if someone that has done it would have suggestions.

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Re: VLAN Pool and RAP5WN's

If I'm understanding this correctly, you have a RAP5 at a remote site and a Cisco 2900 hooked into one of the ports....

If that's the case then I've been working with a similar setup recently. Couple things to note...
1.) Cisco STP & Aruba RAP 5's don't get along, therefore, you have to completely turn off STP on the VLans you want to traverse throught he Aruba network. For example, on the Cisco switch you will need to run something like "no spanning-tree vlan XXX" to disable STP

2.) Make sure you add the appropriate settings to the uplink port on the controller to allow the Vlans to traverse any part of your netowrk beyond the controller. In the Aruba console....Config>Network>Ports>Port number....

3.) Make sure you have configured the AP Ethernet interface to use the appropriate port(s) under Wireless>AP Configuration.

I hope this is helpful....
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