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VLAN Pooling with Remote APs

Has anyone had any luck with VLAN pooling and Remote APs in bridge mode under

Basically, if I only specify a single VLAN (801 in this case) for the virtual-ap, it works as expected - the 802.1x client gets an IP address from the appropriate DHCP server. If I specify an different VLAN (802), same thing - the client gets the correct IP address corresponding to the VLAN they are placed in. The AP itself DHCPs an IP address from VLAN 1. This confirms to me that the switch ports and VLAN config are correct: switch ports are untagged VLAN 1, tagged VLAN 801 and 802.

The problem starts when I specify two VLANs in the virtual-ap. Sometimes the client gets an IP address from the VLAN 1 IP space, or in other instances no IP address at all (169.254.X.X addresses don't count :rolleyes:).

We do have this working with standard (campus mode) APs, so I am not sure what exactly the problem is. I have also tried using a named pool, but I get a friendly "Named VLAN only allowed for forward-mode tunnel" message from the CLI when trying to do so.
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Re: VLAN Pooling with Remote APs

Solution: Move to ArubaOS, switch to bridged Campus AP mode instead of bridged Remote AP mode.
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