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VLAN's and AD Group Policy

Wanted to run this by everyone and I hope I am not the only one that is in this type setup.

We are an Active Directory shop. We have 90 schools each with their own network. On non-wireless workstations group policies are distributed based upon the IP address since that is unique to each school.

But with wireless the devices terminate on the controller into consolidated VLANS's based upon device count and not where they are originating from.

I need away to have wireless devices be able to use the group policies based upon their physical location. Does that make sense?

Does anyone have some suggestions?

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Re: VLAN's and AD Group Policy

You could change how group policy is applied and do it on group membership and move the desktops into different AD groups based on the school.

We are exploring a similar challenge where we want to have our fixed desktops get a static assigned IP from DHCP. We have a solution that I could probably talk to you off line about.

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