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VPN Troubles

So interesting situation, at least it is to me!...

At our university we have our Aruba 6000 Controller behind a Juniper Firewall. We have several Adjunct faculty members who need to VPN to another job while at our campus. We first had problems with the Juniper, did an upgrade and now if we hard wire in VPN from our campus to someone else it s a piece of cake. If we go wireless it never is able to connect to the VPN. We are running ArubaOS We don't have any VPN options on the Aruba and the firewall policies are set for any any any.

Are their any easy ideas I'm missing or suggestions of what I can do to fix this?

VPN Troubles

I would recommend starting with looking at a given client and determine the protocol(s) that they are using and the destinations.

You can do that on the Aruba controller under Monitoring/Clients/Select a Client/Status/Firewall State. There you will see all destination ports (protocols) and destination addresses. Is it PPTP, IPSEC, NAT-T etc is what you are looking at.

Armed with this information I would next look at the Juniper and see if the desired traffic is making it from the client (and hence the controller) to the inside interface to the outside interface of the Juniper with these same protocols and destinations.

BTW, do the wireless clients receive an IP address similar to the wired clients in your environment ? I ask, as I am wondering if the wireless clients are perhaps going through another NAT boundary or different policy (after they leave the Aruba controller) that may be stopping VPN from working vs. the wired 'path' outbound.
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