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Vlan 1

When the controller is initially configured, it default in vlan 1 as native vlan. We can possibily change this to different vlan. I know this go again Aruba's recommendation and default setting. Have anyone tried it? What would be the side effect in long term wise?
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Re: Vlan 1

VLAN 1 is just a placeholder of sorts. 99% of the installs I do, customers have a policy against using VLAN 1. So, once the controller comes up, another VLAN is added (or many) with an IP address and either a loopback (if pre-3.4) or a controlller-ip setting (3.4 and higher). At that point, the switchip is set (the IP that the controllers use for tunnels back to APs) and then you can remove the VLAN 1 IP address and apply shutdown to the interface.

No problems whatsoever, and this is completely normal.
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Re: Vlan 1

Thank you Brian!
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