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Vlan Assignment via User Role

Hello, today i have tested User Role Assignment via DHCP Fingerprinting and everything is working fine. On Top i have tested to assign different Vlans to this Devices via Vlan Statement on the User Role. With Static IP the Assignment is working well. But by using DHCP on Clients no IP Adress is assiged. If the client are on the Vlan via the Vlan assignment on VirtualAP the Adress is leased.

DHCP is Necessary for Fingerprinting, but i ask me how it could work. The Client gets requests an IP on the Vlan from Virtual AP. After it the Role is used and he is on a differnt Vlan (i see this while debugging) So normaly the Hosts have to renew there IP in the Vlan from Role. There are anybody wo has an Idea or an explanation of the habit?
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Re: Vlan Assignment via User Role

The rule takes effect AFTER the client has requested a DHCP address, which has the effect of plugging the client into a different VLAN after he has asked for an address. The combination of DHCP option and VLAN switching should not be used for that reason.

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Re: Vlan Assignment via User Role

Thanks for that information.

Bets Regards Mirko
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