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VLAN Pooling

We just went through this and in our case, we are getting approximately 2000 associations (peak) and we have 31 /24 networks in our 802.1x pool. No more problems. We have 6 /23 networks in our "guest pool".
If I remember correctly, ARUBA engineers recommended /23s for pooling as acceptable.
We chose to make the "pool size" at least double our expected association level and not have to be concerned any longer.
That "luxury" comes with doing NAT and NOT providing global ips to our user base on the LAN, only when using the WAN.
Everything is "smooth" now.
Caution - if you change (add networks) your pool - be sure to clean the DHCP tables. They will get full in a hurry; if all the old leases are there, as everyone gets "rehashed" the original network members of the pool will fill in a hurry.

Actually, after dealing with, and understanding, the ARUBA vlan pooling methodology/implementation; I believe it to be very good.
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VLAN Pooling

If you are only doing /23 on your guest, then I would disable broadcast and multicast, convert arp to unicast.

There really shouldn't be a need for your guests to broadcast or multicast.

Just my thoughts. I can't complain too much. We use huge subnets on wireless. I've been trying for 4 years to get them to reduce the subnet size. The arp traffic alone is killing performance.


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