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Vlan pool size limit?


Is there a limit to the number of vlans that can be configured in a vlan pool? We currently have 12 vlans on one SSID (CP) and 6 vlans on another (.1x). To accommodate a projected ~7,000 additional wireless users this fall we'd need to expand our vlan pools to about 35 vlans one one SSID and 15 vlans on the other.

Will this expansion be ok? Any problems with leaving these vlans as /24's? I'd rather keep the vlans smaller than turning them into /23 or larger for various reasons (easier to respond to client usage, non-contiguous subnets currently in use, broadcast traffic propagation mitigation, etc.).

All vlan pools are currently /24's subnets. We have one Master and six local controllers. All are M3Ks. Client leases are obtained through an external dhcp server. Addresses are routed IPs (not NAT'd).

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

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Re: Vlan pool size limit?

The limit on the number of VLANs in a VLAN pool is 32.
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Re: Vlan pool size limit?

Is 32 vlans per pool a hard limit regardless of AOS version (we're running

That'll only give me a little over 7800 available client IPs on our busiest SSID. Not enough. It looks like we'll have to increase mask size to /23's.

I'm curious what others are doing to accommodate 8,000+ clients on a single SSID. Do most use /23's or larger subnets? Any issues with broadcast domains.

I assume it's BAD to mix subnet sizes within a vlan pool (some /24's and some /23's)?
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