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WAN failover


I've got a new controller to setup and just not sure how to do it. The client has 2 internet connections, 1 for staff and 1 for students. The staff and students will each be in a separate vlan.
They want the staff to use the staff connection and failover to the student connection if the staff one goes down. And vice versa for the students. Is this possible?

Controller is a 650 running 6.0.
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Re: WAN failover

Does this wired separation exist today? On the wired network, does the staff get one ISP and the students get one ISP? If this already works wired, you only need to ensure that staff get in their same VLAN and Students get into their same VLAN. The controller must also be layer-2 to these VLANs, or the default gateway of your clients must NOT be the controller.

For the failover portion, there is a larger discussion of how this needs to take place, in addition to how an upstream failure is even detected in your environment.

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Re: WAN failover

Thanks for the response.

Yes the two networks are physically separate at the moment, they share no hardware at all. So that part should be alright.

What do you need to know about the failover? The two connections are currently adsl but will be moving to cable in the future. At the moment the only way we know a connection has gone down is when the users can't get to any websites.
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